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Any great chef knows that the secret to amazing seafood dishes begins with their Fishmonger. All the technique and training in the world cannot compensate for inferior product. Conversely, inferior technique and training can often be elevated by superior product. 


"Superior product. That's our mission statement in a nutshell." 

                                      -Raymond Zaelit, co-founder

Platinum Seafood, is passionately dedicated to sourcing only the finest ingredients for our select clientele.


"Here at Platinum, we're all about mutually assured success. If we empower you with great product, we know you'll make amazing food. Amazing food, is the name of the game."

                                      -Brian McMullin, co-founder

The Platinum
Seafood Difference.


Experience matters.

Here at Platinum, we promise unparalleled expertise across the board.


Our staff is courteous, dedicated and prompt. We know your time is important. Proper care and handling of client resources is always a top priority.

Our management team is comprised of veteran food distributors, some hailing from Utah food distribution dynasties. Men and women whose families have seen to it that the finest food establishments in this great state, have been well-supplied with exquisite provisions.

Last, but certainly not least; our pride and joy:


These talented individuals are the heart and soul of Platinum Seafood. In the simplest of terms, our Fishmongers KNOW fish. It's their passion. Boasting over 50 years of collective experience between them, we've taken to calling them  Fishmasters. You be the judge.



We Support


Understand and Care

Why Ethical
Harvest Matters 

All life on this planet is connected.

Companies like Platinum have a great responsibility. Not only to the consumers of our products, but to the very planet itself. We farm the ocean's bounty and distribute it for the enjoyment of Utah diners. As any farmer will tell you,


It's all about balance.

Harvest industries, like our own, should always take great care to maintain and safeguard the source of their livlihood. Platinum Seafood, already holds itself to the highest standards in the industry, but we won't won't stop there. 

We can always do more.

Platinum Seafood's management is dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of ethical harvest techniques and practices. And if our buyers support us, you'll help us do more. Let us know what you think. info@platinumseafood.net

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